About K/P

The office of Kotas/Pantaleoni Architects has designed numerous residential and commercial buildings and has participated in many projects of special application in urban design, recycling, and planning exercises. Most of our work is in and around San Francisco, but can be found as far away as Seaside, Florida. Our great strength is working with our clients towards a solid and contemporary solution to meet their needs and desires. Our 7 member team works diligently and productively with special care and concern for the design at hand.

Founded in 1981, our firm has produced award-winning, innovative schemes for residential, commercial, and mixed use buildings throughout the Bay Area. While we have a broad range of experience,

we are most known for designing cost-effective, livable buildings of wit and directness for unusual, even awkward sitesódesigns that fit with a community yet display their own distinct character. These buildings, including the Tansev House, the Ulloa Street House, and the McGuire Building, have been honored with the Gold Nugget, DIFFA, and various AIA/Sunset Magazine awards. They have been published in several periodicals including Progressive Architecture, Sunset, Northern California Home & Garden, SF, and Masonry Design West magazines; and books such as Bay Area Houses by Sally Woodbridge, Cottage Life by Richard Sexton, and New Architecture San Francisco by James Shay.